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    Welcome to the
    SSSC Register

    In this welcome pack we’ll help you to keep your registration up to date and share top tips on the SSSC Codes of Practice.

    We’ll let you know about free resources to help with your learning and the different ways you can stay in touch with us.

Your registration

Keeping your details up to date

Keeping your MySSSC account up to date with any changes to your personal details such as your name, address, email address and employment means we can keep in touch with you and make sure you have the information you need for your registration.

Our step by step guide to registration and instant access to the Codes of Practice

You can download our registration app from iTunes or Google Play to find out about registration, keeping your registration up to date and get instant access to the Codes.

What does registration mean for you

Take a look at our video to find out what registration means for you and the people who use your service.

Watch our video on how to stay up to date with registration

  • Use our easy to use registration app.

    Find out about registration and get instant access to the Codes of Practice.

    Download our registration app here.

SSSC Codes of Practice

You signed up to our Codes of Practice when you registered, so it’s important you know about them and what they mean for you. The Codes outline the professional practice and behaviour expected of you when carrying out your everyday work to deliver the best quality care for the people who use your service. This includes how you should behave in and outside of work. You also have a role to play in being open and honest and reporting when harm has occurred and when the practice of your colleagues is of concern. The SSSC may take action if you don’t adhere to the Codes.

Our video explains the Codes. You can also download the Codes in different languages and formats, this includes versions for iPads, Android devices, British Sign Language and Easy Read from the website. You can share the Codes with the people using social services too so that they know the standards they can expect.

Advice and guidance

You can sometimes face difficult or challenging situations working in social services. Knowing how to manage some of these dilemmas will help you identify gaps in your knowledge or misunderstandings about what action you should take. We’ve a learning resource called Making better decisions which will help you to do that. You can go through various situations in a safe environment, where making a wrong choice will not affect the outcomes for you or the people using services.

Using social media while working in social services is an area many workers aren’t sure about. It’s important to remember your role as a professional social service worker and the need to maintain boundaries between that and your personal life.

Read our Social media guidance for social service workers

Watch our video and get familiar with the Codes

  • Download the Codes

    The Codes of Practice come in a number of different languages and formats.

    Get the Codes of Practice

Your learning

Three learning resources to get you started

We have a wide range of free resources designed to develop and enhance your skills. Here are three that will help you to get started.

The Continuous Learning Framework introduces you to different aspects of your learning and development in social services, including how your employer can support you.

23 Things will help bring you up to speed and feel confident using digital technology so that you can get the most from our online learning and other digital experiences.

Making better decisions gives examples of situations and dilemmas you may come across at work. It helps you to safely experience the impact of the decisions you make in these situations and to address these if something goes wrong.

You will find all our learning resources on the Learning Zone and resources to support your leadership development on Step into Leadership.

Your career in social services may involve working with children and young people, working with adults or as a social worker. Our career pathways provide information on qualifications to support career development in each part of the sector.

If you have a qualification condition attached to your registration, you can find information about social service qualifications and funding options, including Modern Apprenticeships, on the SSSC website.

Your learning

Keeping in touch with us

Now that you’re registered you can receive our monthly newsletter direct to you inbox with the latest news including registration and fitness to practise information and events coming up across Scotland. Complete our sign up form to start your subscription.

You can also find the latest news on SSSC News, our online magazine. And there is lots of information on our website www.sssc.uk.com

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